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Membership geared to helping the Individual

What makes us unique and what makes us One of a Kind?  Our membership caters to the individual while assisting them as a group.  You the individual entrepreneur is your best resource, but you are also your worst commodity.  In order to be the best part of you, we give you the tools and resources to elevate yourself, but more important, we show you the path to get there!  

Throughout my business career I have learned 3 things from lessons learned and from other great business men and women.


Number 1 you must have the tools and resources available. 

Number 2 you must have career goals that lead you on a path to success.

Number 3 you must have someone to mentor or Coach you.

We supply all three to make you successful!

We put you on a LIGHTED PATH to Greatness

Your $59 Annual Membership is centered around You!

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Choose your Membership Career Success Path

Every person that becomes a member is put on a career path to success. We have 3 career paths. The first is for the new entrepreneur who wants to start their own business.  The second career path is for the member who wants to take their existing exiting business to the next level  And the third career path is for those who want to reach millionaire status.  At MBSC we provide you a list of courses classes and videos to reach and complete you career path.  

Advance through 5 Degrees of Mastery

As you advance though your career success path, you can achieve ultimate statuses as you advance through the 5 degrees of Mastery. 

Choose a Mentor or Coach to Help you

This assistance is invaluable but very much needed.  Everyone needs a Coach or a Mentor.  But they need them in certain areas.  Business is very broad and as we know some are better in one area and worst in other areas.  A Coach or a Mentor finds that area and make that weakness into a strength.  Find a mentor that is also a Club Member.

Turn those weaknesses into strengths!

On Going Education

As the business industry change!  We change!  Our members are constantly updated via the membership site on the latest trends, ideas, opportunities and educated on the latest business information.  We also post new education or training monthly to keep you on TOP of your GAME.

MBSC are the most structed and educated entrepreneurs in the World!

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