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Sneak Preview of our First Module

Goal Settting

90% of people do not set goals. Our members are successful because they set CONCISE, DETAILED AND  ATTAINABLE GOALS,

Whether  you are just starting or a millionaire, take the time now to set three types of goals.  WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER OUR FIRST STEP IS FOR YOU TO SET GOALS.  WITH OUR PROVEN METHOD YOU WILL SET GOALS IN 20 MINUTES!  And save a lifetime of headache but will enjoy an abundant life of Wealth.


  1. Goal  one - Set goals you want to acomplish from this site
    2. Goal two - Set goals for what you want your business to accomplish
         3. Goal three - Set goals for what you want to accomplish in your personal life.

So, before we jump into goal settings let’s understand why goals are so important. For the longest time I stopped reviewing my 5-year goals. I set up my goals and was testing and checking them every year, at the 5-year mark, I had accomplished all my goals. I paid off all my bills and had decent savings in the bank.

At the 5-year mark, I stop setting goals. I was pumped and ready to conquer the world, but after the next 5 more years, I looked back on my life and noticed I had not accomplished anything like I did the first 5 years! I was in the military and my CO told me that the way I'm going I'm going to be kicked out of the military in 2 years. I was like, "how did this happen."  I am the ideal soldier but when I looked back, my physical fitness scores were low, I hadn’t gone to any schools and my leadership evaluations were extremely low.

So, I set 4 goals.

  1. Bring my physical fitness scores to 80%.

  2. Get my Master’s Degree

  3. Ensure my promotion packed was accurate

  4. And make Lieutenant Colonel.

Well, I am retired now but I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel with a Master’s Degree.  Why? Because, I mapped out a blue blueprint toward the promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.


The first step in getting promoted was to increase my physical fitness to 80%, the army only requires 60%. Each goal feeds off the previous goals and so forth. In order to accomplish this goal, I set sub goals of how many miles I needed to run weekly, pushups and sit-ups.  Next was the master’s degree. This is an ACTION. Action in a goal that you must take an action to achieve. The action was applying to the required schools I needed to get promoted.

Once I applied, there was no turning back. You DON'T want to set goals that gives you a golden parachute to jump out! Goals should make you go the distance.


When you set a goal, you must ACTIVATE that goal, and you do that by using some sort of movement. Lastly, going to Military schools.  Again, it’s about movement. I had to apply for theses” schools and not procrastinate, saying, “I will apply tomorrow or next week.” Set a course to keep moving forward!

I wrote down all the steps that someone told me to take to get promoted. Listen to what I just said, “someone told me.” I listened to other Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels. Not to a Major or Captain, they cannot get me promoted, because they were never a Lieutenant Colonel. The purpose of this club is for you to set goals and surround yourself with other business experts who have been where you are now, to lift you up and push you forward.

I broke this last step in to 3 sub goals.

  1. One I had to have all the proper military education

  2. I had to lose weight, tone up and look good in my Class A dress uniform.

  3. Lastly, I had to ensure everything was uploaded on time.  VERY IMPORTANT.

You can set up every single goal but if you don't close out the last step, which is your success step, you will never be successful and finish your goals. SO, LET'S GET STARTED

20 Great Business Ideas

This is part of the course curriculum, but we want to give you a sneak preview so we are giving 1 Free Idea to you Today.

1.  Harwin Street in Houston make a killing by buying cheap products from china and selling them wholesale to other store owners.  The new thing this day is selling these products with an online store.  Now you can sell these products to people who want to own an online store and sell in bulk.  Here are the 3 steps.

STEP 1 - go to Ali Express and sign up for an account

STEP 2 - just pick one Niche like watches and buy in bulk

STEP 3 - Find a platform to sell an online store to the consumer and they can buy your products wholesale.

If you want to see more like this and the details of each STEP.  Join today for only $59.00 for the entire year.

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