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How can you charge such a slow membership fee

It’s quite simple, we are here to help YOU, the Entrepeneur.   Plus, we have already spent a lifetime paying for courses and learning. We have already absorbed the cost, so we want like-minded people who love business and want to be successful to help them achieve success. The education achieved, the courses taken, and the 34 years of experience has made us have the best affordable business success club money can buy.

Are all courses really Free?

Yes, all courses that are part of the club membership are absolutely free.  We do offer sponsor courses that we have vetted also to be good.  But it's your choice.  Our success levels moves you to the millionaire status with just using our courses and our motivational speeches.

Would the Membership price go up?

Yes but only for New Members, after the Gold Glover discount.  What ever price you come in at as a member, you will be grandfathered into that price.

Can I sample a course before buying a membership?

Unfortunately No, we are a professional membership organization with professional members.  We do not scam or over promise anything.  Our courses and content is genuine. 

Do I have to follow the Success Path or can I take any course?

As a Member you can take any course you like, in any order. However the system is setup for you to follow a success path.  Our success path has been working for 30 years and we know its the fastest and accurate way for you to obtain millionaire success.  Its the building blocks to make you begin at a starting point and end at an ending point to be successful.  Then keep going....


There are no refunds once you pay your $59.00 for the year.  We pride ourselves on giving a lot for a very little.  So, we cannot have people downloading information for free. We are a member base organization, and are there for our paid members.

Would I get a certificate for each course or degree?

Yes!  You can download a certificate for every single course and each degree you reach.  Degrees are based on honesty.  If you meet the criteria then advance to the next level.

Will I be a millionaire by joining this club?

To become a millionaire you have to do alot of things right.  You have to make good investments in yourself and your business.  It takes hard work and perserverance.  We pride ourselves by giving you the tools, you have to build the house!

What Our Member's Say

Drew Stevens.png

Drew Stevens, Certified Business Consultant

This club is what I needed.  I'm a business consultant and I have learned more from MIB than I did in my own courses.  My Business has reached the next level status.  Now the sky is the limit!
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