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Building a Brand

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We touch on this is owning your own business.  But it's so important that we made it it's on class.

A brand is the most important part of your business. It's the characteristic of your business that let people know who you are, what you sell and to make them keep coming back for more.

Nike swoosh is a logo, Nike is the brand. Kellog is a brand.  You want your business to be the brand next door. Campbell soup is a brand and the family next door will probably go to the grocery store tonight and buy can.

But brands are not created overnight. It takes years for your brand to be well known, but it takes only months for be to start recognizing your brand.

This course will show you how to think ans create a brand,  build that brand, market that brand and show the public how to love that brand.

Keith the CEO has created something he learned in writing caused sensory perception. It's the art of drawing people into your story. A brand is a story that people will learn and love about you and your product or service.

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